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From: edward_at_DigitalAngel.com.au
Date: Fri 25 Apr 2003 - 06:06:07 BST

On 23 Apr 2003, at 14:05, Debby wrote:

> vserver I cannot start apache ;( - so I would like to

What's the actual message you are getting?

Is IP address/port conflict a possibility i.e. other process has already bound to the same IP address/port?

List all the listeners with the following command in the root server:

chcontext --ctx 1 netstat -lnp

If there is a process occupying the port that you need to resolve this conflict - possibly change apache config files and
restart it or disable it if you don't need it.

Most likely you either have apache running in the root server and bound to ( wildcard including all addresses ).
That would prevent any other process from binding to the same port ( usually 80 ) on _any_ of the local IP addresses.


you could've created a new vserver by copying an existing one but forgot to change the IP address inside

> set up a chart where one only has to look at to know what to do when
> wanting to do enable something inside a vserver:
> What needs to be enabled or be activated to run the following
> services inside a vserver?
> (1) apache / apache-ssl
> (2) mysql
> (3) ssh
> (4) sendmail / exim / ... (you name it)

The idea of a vserver is that you run your services inside it transparently, i.e.
no special configuration required inside each vserver.

However, some software packages ( e.g. bind ) by default ( and unneccessary imho ) require
some extra capabilities.
Any hardware-related services, e.g. kudzu, or services that require a bit more intimate connection with the kernel, e.g klogd
or pppd, should not be run inside vserver.
Other than that, it's quite plug-and-play.


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