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From: Martin Honermeyer (martinhonermeyer_at_web.de)
Date: Fri 13 Jun 2003 - 12:56:46 BST

> On another note, one of the threads I _started_ transformed to one on a
> vserver book/how-to. I'm going to start collecting tricks and information
> and after cleaning up their layout resubmit them to the list for review.
> Then I'll move them to a site (mine or someone else's.) These can become
> the basis for 'the book'.
> I'd like to start this process, based on the other threads, by asking
> what people are doing with vservers and what hardware they are running
> them on.
> Are you running productions systems - specialized or general, testing
> software, or experimenting? CPU, main board (consumer/server grade), RAM,
> drive interface (SCSI, IDE, iSCSI, etc.), case/cabinet, location (co-lo,
> desk-side, basement :-) and anything else you find interesting and/or
> unique about your system(s). Oh yeah, which distribution(s) are you using
> for your main server and vservers?

Hey Rod,

I made up a wiki site concerning vservers not long ago. Maybe you'd like to
commit your information there?
I'd like that site to become a central site for vserver information. I think
everyone is interested in having one central place for information and tricks
about vservers. The big advantage of a wiki site: everyone can add

The URL is http://vserver.strahlungsfrei.de.


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