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From: Martin Honermeyer (maze_at_strahlungsfrei.de)
Date: Sun 15 Jun 2003 - 16:13:12 BST

Hello Herbert,

> I remebered too, had a look, but got the same feeling
> as last time ...
> - a few mailing list cutouts
> - nothing usable yet ...
> - my name misspelled (a novity 8-)

First of all, sorry for misspelling your name! I just looked at the mailing
list, and your mail client does send the "" as "oe". So I couldn't have
known this, although I am from Germany ;).

> don't get me wrong, that was the reason why I asked
> last time: "do you intend to moderate this?"
> I guess, the best solution would be to take Pauls
> FAQ, make it a wiki (so you'll have all the topics,
> issues and sections) and let it be edited ...
> (Paul, what do you think about that?)
> from time to time, it would be necessary to clean
> up, and or restructure, and of course some index
> or reference would be fine ...
> > > I'd like that site to become a central site for vserver information.
> > > I think everyone is interested in having one central place for
> > > information and tricks about vservers. The big advantage of a wiki
> > > site: everyone can add information.
> if I would spend a week, I could add/structure a
> lot of information there, but if I had a week for
> that, I could also write some new web pages on my
> own site ;)
> the real advantage of a wiki, IMHO is that the
> information can easily be revised, extended, corrected.
> but the adding of 'new' information will be as painful
> as it is without ...
> > This would be a good information collection site.
> > I still want to see a 'book-like' product so it can be
> > printed or downloaded into a palmtop for cover-to-cover
> > reading when not online.
> good idea, any suggestions how to accomplish this?
> except for printing each html page

I really like to have Jacques' FAQ "wikified" on the site, but won't put it in
before having his personal permission.

The other thing is time. I don't have much of that at the moment. That's one
reason why I chose to make a Wiki instead of a "normal" website. Everyone can
contribute. That way, everything could be built up step by step.
The idea was to grab every useful information from the mailing list, but to
keep a useful structure. I don't want it to stay like this, with extracts
simply copied from the list. One could easily change those extracts into

That has to be done. By anyone. The problem is, if no one aids, the site may
always lag behind the times.

> best,
> Herbert


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