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From: Joshua Moore (j.moore_at_dkfz-heidelberg.de)
Date: Fri 27 Jun 2003 - 16:17:11 BST

I'm having odd problems:

I've been running a sarge/2.4.19 box for some time. Recently, I
installed a ctx17-patched 2.4.20 kernel, rebooted, and installed two
vservers with newvserver, both woody. For several days they worked well.
I got ssh out but not in. I was having working on the addressing
problems, because I'm within a large organization with very specialized
networks. (Theory 1)

Today, I came to work with the attempt of setting up X in a vserver,
typed in "vserver v2 enter", the line "ipv4root is now 172..." is
printed then everything hangs. Well, almost everything. No xterms
worked. My WindowsMaker continued to function, but any attempt to get to
a terminal failed. Even the other consoles with Ctrl-Alt-F[1-6].

I rebooted several times and repeated the problem.

Here is what I've found out:
* starting a console with a local user works fine. Su-ing to a networked
user fails.
* on start up, the init.d script CAN start the vserver fine (normal
output "security context is ..."), but if I set the vserver to not boot
on startup and then try to start it myself, the system hangs again after
"ipv4root now...".
* "vserver-stat" shows the running vserver; "mount" shows the mounted
"proc" and "dev" directories.
* deleting the vserver and re-installing with "newvserver" changes nothing.

Any other theories?

Many thanks,
Josh Moore
DKFZ German Cancer Research Center
Heidelberg, Germany

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