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From: ComplexMind (ComplexMind_at_funk.mailforme.co.uk)
Date: Sat 28 Jun 2003 - 14:07:58 BST

Iíve been following VServer for quite some time now and have a few machines running VServers. I currently use only RedHat 7.3 as a base system and for VServers but Iím growing increasingly nervous about where and when RedHatís continued support for the little-people-who-canít-afford-enterprise-licenses-but-donít-need-the-hand-holding-support will end.
I donít particularly have a problem with what RedHat are doing as they are free to do so within the terms of the GPL. Instead
At the same time I have been forced (as a result of an unusual requirement by a client) to recompile Apache using the stock distro which soon ended up mushrooming to a recompile of PHP, OpenSSL, etc etcÖ
It struck me that now I am hitting on these issues I might as well kill two birds with one stone and start looking for a more suitable distribution to use. OK, so there are many good distributions out there and it is very difficult to decide where to go next so I thought Iíd put it to the list to see what peopleís experiences have been.
Should I be looking at what seems like the ultimate, most flexible distro (Gentoo) or should I be looking towards a more time-served distribution like Debian?
I understand this is a very subjective issue and Iím not trying to start a distro-war or anything, Iíd just like to try and find out what peopleís experiences have been with the various distros where creating/managing vservers is concerned.
Iím particularly interested how well other distros handle software updates Ė Iím used to most of the work being done for me through auto-rpm and really appreciate this type of functionality to keep my workload down.
Any and all comments appreciated. And keep up the good work!
Ex-freeVSD, Ex-proVSD, Ex-communicated, Ex-traordinary!

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