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From: Luís Miguel Silva (lms_at_ispgaya.pt)
Date: Sat 28 Jun 2003 - 15:36:55 BST


I usually use a mini-debian vserver distro for my vservers. It works great
and all the updates can be retrieved with a simple apt-get update && apt-get
Still, one day i had to modify my systems auth to libauthmysql (or something
like that...) and my debian vserver didnt work!
I was forced to do a "trustix" vserver.

You can get my full trustix vserver at
I dont know if the trustix vserver is of any use to you since the trustix
filosofy is "old...but securly'tested'software!".
You wont find glibc2.x,apache 2.x and other stuff (allthough they do regular
updates on their distro).

Just simply do a "swup --upgrade" ;o).

As for the mini-debian-vserver...i cant seem to find it on google anymore!
But ask for it on this mailing list since its creator subscribes it. ;o)
(nuno aka ratao).

Best regards,
| Luís Miguel Silva
| Network Administrator@ ISPGaya.pt
| Rua António Rodrigues da Rocha, 291/341
| Sto. Ovídio • 4400-025 V. N. de Gaia
| Portugal
| T: +351 22 3745730/3/5 F: +351 22 3745738
| G: +351 93 6371253 E: lms_at_ispgaya.pt
| H: http://lms.ispgaya.pt/
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  I’ve been following VServer for quite some time now and have a few
machines running VServers. I currently use only RedHat 7.3 as a base system
and for VServers but I’m growing increasingly nervous about where and when
RedHat’s continued support for the little-people-who-can’
t-afford-enterprise-licenses-but-don’t-need-the-hand-holding-support will

  I don’t particularly have a problem with what RedHat are doing as they are
free to do so within the terms of the GPL. Instead

  At the same time I have been forced (as a result of an unusual requirement
by a client) to recompile Apache using the stock distro which soon ended up
mushrooming to a recompile of PHP, OpenSSL, etc etc…

  It struck me that now I am hitting on these issues I might as well kill
two birds with one stone and start looking for a more suitable distribution
to use. OK, so there are many good distributions out there and it is very
difficult to decide where to go next so I thought I’d put it to the list to
see what people’s experiences have been.

  Should I be looking at what seems like the ultimate, most flexible distro
(Gentoo) or should I be looking towards a more time-served distribution like

  I understand this is a very subjective issue and I’m not trying to start a
distro-war or anything, I’d just like to try and find out what people’s
experiences have been with the various distros where creating/managing
vservers is concerned.

  I’m particularly interested how well other distros handle software
updates – I’m used to most of the work being done for me through auto-rpm
and really appreciate this type of functionality to keep my workload down.

  Any and all comments appreciated. And keep up the good work!



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