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From: Jon Bendtsen (jon+vserver_at_silicide.dk)
Date: Fri 11 Jul 2003 - 16:57:19 BST

Jon Bendtsen wrote:
> Kyle Yencer wrote:
>> List,
>> Here is the message I have gotten from my latest crash, it is finally
>> a full
>> one, usually, there is no trace left in the log:
>> Jul 11 09:07:28 vps2 kernel: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer
>> dereference at virtual address 00000004


> What is it with you people? A user-mode program should in NO WAY WHAT SO
> EVER crash a kernel, even if it is a vserver patched linux. The problem
> has to reside inside some part of the kernel. It can be a race condition
> that only happens when you have alot of processes, memory, io, ...
> or something totaly different. It might or might not be vserver related.

Okay, this came out overly hard, but still i wonder why some of you keep
on talking about java. This log clearly says
        "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at ..."
It might happen while running a java program, it might not. It is my
opinion that there is something in the current vserver code that causes
the kernel to dereference a NULL pointer. Either directly or because of
a conflict.

My own machine runs mostly a user mode NFS server in a vserver, but also
a mysql, apache, ezbounce, and of course several ssh clients. I have a
similar (software) machine at work, with the exception that it doesnt
run with the vserver patches. The rest, LVM, loop-aes, kernel 2.4.21 is
the same. Granted the hardware is not the same, but i used to run my
home server without vserver, and that didnt cause trouble. The server at
work has a much higher load than my home server, and more memory, but
there is still plenty of free memory

17:47:05 up 1 day, 16:36, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
36 processes: 35 sleeping, 1 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
CPU states: 0.8% user, 1.2% system, 0.0% nice, 98.0% idle
Mem: 191864K total, 167148K used, 24716K free, 48464K buffers
Swap: 511992K total, 1536K used, 510456K free, 39252K cached

this is from the "root" server, and not inside a vserver, but it looks
similar inside a vserver.

So all in all, i dont think vserver is even close to come into 2.6 yet.


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