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From: Girts (baobabs_at_sveiks.lv)
Date: Thu 31 Jul 2003 - 12:27:53 BST

First, thanks for the response!

It generates even more questions, but at least moves me towards the goal. :)

>>2) Is the "fair" scheduler implemented? The FAQ seems to say so.
> depends on the version/patches you use ...

So I guess it is in 17a, at least from looking at the patch source.

>>3) What are other things we should consider?
> firewalling, routing, shared partitions, quota,
> backup, failover, ...

I think that shared partitions and quota would be the ones that
currently would interest me. As I understand, the quota support must be
patched in from the patches at http://www.13thfloor.at/VServer/.

What about shared partitions? Are they compatible with quotas?

> of course, you can spend a lot of money on comercial
> products, just google a little ...

Errr... no thanks... :)
I would better choose opensource and help at least with bug reports.

>>I kind of don't like the idea of 50 ip addreses on one host
> you can distribute it over many servers/vservers/hosts
> or use only one for all ...

If I use one IP for all, how would I be able to run different web
servers for each user?

So I guess my setup would be as follows:

*) host running Debian/stable,
*) iptables to filter ports / shape traffic,
*) vserver+quota patch,
*) a bunch (20+) of VServers each on different IP,
*) each VServer has limited memory with ulimit, and enabled "sched" flag,
*) each VServer is running Debian with apache+php4, proftpd, sshd,
*) mysqld, postgres running on main server.

Some people could get root accounts on VServers to be able to configure
the webserver / add packages to their needs, others ssh accounts, others
just ftp accounts.

Am I on the right track?


Best regards,

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