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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Thu 09 Oct 2003 - 23:27:35 BST

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 09:17:16PM +0200, Asbjørn Sannes wrote:
> On Thursday 09 October 2003 10:29, Mihai RUSU wrote:
> > On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Mihai RUSU wrote:
> > > Hi again
> > >
> > > Because my 2.4.20 + ctx16 kernel crashes very 2-6 hours I need a stable
> > > solution ASAP. I am compiling right now 2.4.22 + ctx17a as beeing the
> > > current stable acording to the site:
> Hi! I am experiencing hangs aswell, but I don't know if they are related with
> vserver at all. I'm not sure if you mean crashes as in kernel panics or if it
> just freezez. In my case it freezez completly after about 2 days. So for now
> I have a reboot crontab running every midnight (which isn't nice).
> I am running with the latest kernel (2.4.23pre6) and almost the latest ctx
> patch (17e?). But I have patched in evms, quota support for reiserfs, vroot
> and grsecurity.

please let me know of all the 'additional' patches
you need/added, because there might be clashes and
maybe they could be resolved with adapted patches ...

> It seems to me that it has something to do with access the filesystem (because
> it tends to crash when updatedb is running, after turning that crontab off it
> crashes at random.). So first I was thinking this has to be the reiserfs
> quota patch because I had to change it to resolv patching rejects. But I
> ripped that part of the kernel and still the same results.
> Actually, first I had the rmap patch in and thought that might be it, but that
> didn't solve it either (ripping it out).
> Because it hangs and doesn't give me any errors I'm reading up on how to debug
> kernel problems, have gotten as far as enabling the sysrq. but, still don't
> know what causes it..
> I'm running 3 vservers, got 2 gb of ram and 2 gb of swap..
> it seems that the vservers are just using more and more and more and more
> memory, except I don't know for what (according to vserver-stat that is,
> don't know how exact that is.. )
> and the inode_cache has crazy values (compared to any other linux system I
> run). Oh, and sometimes the load goes up like crazy (especially right before
> it hangs, don't know why though).
> Have been running vserver completly stable with all the same patches (except
> vroot, and other kenel 2.4.21 and ctx patch). And it has always been rock
> solid, so it came to me as quite a surprise when it didn't work out this
> time. :)
> Anyways, tell me more about your crash, maybe there is information to be
> derived from this.

please let me know the details (versions, cpu, chipset, bios setup, etc)
maybe we can find some common detail after all ...

for example, I was fighting with some dual AMD for more than 3 month
until I found out that the chipset would not allow the scsi
controller to go beyond 40Mhz, without silent disk failure ...


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> Asbjorn Sannes
> ace_at_sannes.org
> www.sannes.org

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