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From: Alexander Goeres (agoeres_at_lieblinx.net)
Date: Sun 02 Nov 2003 - 19:55:43 GMT

Hello Herbert

Am Freitag, 31. Oktober 2003 22:53 schrieb Herbert Poetzl:
> > system-call .. (?). The 2.4.22 kernel contains quota-support and I
> > activated it during the its configuration. But obviously this systemcall
> > is missing in the new kernel.
> first this isn't obvious, and second I don't think it is missing ...

Well that's right it wasn't missing, only I forgot to do a mandb.
But nevertheless, I don't succeed to set these limits to vservers. Might be,
that I misunderstood the concept completely. What I learned from the list
was, that the vserver-quotas are intended to work inside the vservers, the
limits set space-limits to the vservers according to their differents
contexts. And that last thing is exactly what I would like to do..

Now I only have a lot of questions, and I don't really know where to start..

1. Compiling a kernel that was patched with the patches mentioned in "Per
Context Disk Limits" and that hasn't turned quotas on but with a "Persistent
Context ID" enabled fails. So I have to compile a such kernel with
"Persistent Context ID method of my choice" and with quotas on?

2. Well, I did the last several times and vservers worked after rebooting.
What didn't work was the possibility to set a quota to a test-user.
"quotacheck" succeeded, but quotaon -u xxxx -f /dev/hdb7 always failed with
the errmsg:

> quotaon: using /var/aquota.user on /dev/hdb7 [/var] : No such device or
> address

3. Another problem was then setting limits to a vserver..
cqhadd -x 2 -v /dev/hdb7 always returned
> cqhadd adding quota hash for /dev/hdb7 ... failed: Function not implemented

So, what did I do wrong or what am I missing?


PS: well missing money, understanding and brains, but what is it I didn't get
with these limits?

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