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From: Alexander Goeres (agoeres_at_lieblinx.net)
Date: Tue 04 Nov 2003 - 21:27:22 GMT

Hi Enrico , Hi Herbert..

Enrico, my compilation probs came from a messed up installation.. my
radix-stuff stems from a debian-package "linux-kernel-headers" that was
installed when i tried to build a kernel.. I'm sorry for the false alert..
With a clean Debian 3.0, compilation and installation is perfect!

Herbert, the limitation with the mquota-tools seems to work (cqhadd doesn't
give me an errmsg any more..:-)), but still the vserver refuses to start when
S_CONTEXT is set. I got and installed the patches for e2fsprogs and lsctx for
the files in the vserver's directory shows lines like
        #0 usr/.../...
Looks as if the files belong to context 0. I can change them with chctx to
some context and back, but the vserver doesn't start.

- without S_CONTEXT set but with fakeinit, the vserver starts up perfectly

- with S_CONTEXT set and with fakeinit I get some kind of init-errmsg and the
vserver doesn't run:
        Usage: init 01234566SsQqAaBbCcUu
But even though it doesn't run, the "eth0:vser" is up and
        <vserverroot>/<vserver>/proc and
        <vserverroot>/<vserver>/dev/pts are mounted.

- with S_CONTEXT set but without fakeinit the vserver seems to start. I get
startup-msgs like from the host's start but with errors referring to failed
connections to /dev/null. I can enter it, but i.e. cannot start ssh inside.

- with an vserver-installation based on the c17f-patches the same probs occur:
No vserver is starting with S_CONTEXT set...


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