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From: Simon Garner (sgarner_at_expio.co.nz)
Date: Wed 05 Nov 2003 - 22:04:18 GMT

On Thursday, November 06, 2003 10:28 AM NZT,
Jan-Hendrik Heuing <jh_at_heuing.com> wrote:

> Just to get this right:
> - vanilla kernel should not be used on redhat
> - vserver does not patch redhat kernel yet
> ?
> It looks a bit like there is no straight way using redhat9 with
> vserver, am I right with this conclusion ?

Correct... that's assuming redhat9 uses NPTL, I'm pretty sure it does
but somebody correct me if I'm wrong...

> Anyway, if you still know the place of the kernel sources, I'd still
> like to know, as I can't find them. And I guess at some point there
> will be patches for the redhat kernel.

up2date --download kernel-source

The redhat9+ kernels also use the O(1) scheduler which I think is the
main sticking point for vserver, but there has been work on O(1) vserver
patches... somebody else can tell you more about that.

> What would be the way to go ?
> Use debian as the host, and maybe use rh vservers ? I'd like to use
> redhat for some things as I know about it. Just looking into debian...

At Herbert's suggestion I'm now using Mandrake 9.2 and have found it
quite nice. It's a redhat-based/redhat-style distribution, so most
things are quite similar to redhat (i.e. it uses rpms and the system
layout is much the same). But it doesn't use NPTL or O(1), so a vanilla
kernel with vserver patches works just fine on Mandrake.


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