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From: Charles Dale (bug_at_aphid.net)
Date: Thu 06 Nov 2003 - 00:06:54 GMT

> On Thursday, November 06, 2003 10:28 AM NZT,
> Jan-Hendrik Heuing <jh_at_heuing.com> wrote:
> > It looks a bit like there is no straight way using redhat9 with
> > vserver, am I right with this conclusion ?
> Correct... that's assuming redhat9 uses NPTL, I'm pretty sure
> it does but somebody correct me if I'm wrong...

Yes the RH kernel's got NPTL, but I'm using RH9 with a vanilla kernel fine
here. That's probably because I'm not using any threaded apps, and my main
vserver is running RH6.2 (legacy). There aren't many standard apps that
would be threaded, you'd be more talking Java/threaded Apache/etc, so NPTL
is only an issue if you actually use threaded apps.

Anyone know which standards apps threads?

As to the O(1) scheduler well that doesn't really matter too much - it just
means you'll get worse performance, everything should work fine without it.
Herbert's got O(1) scheduler patches for 2.4 if you want it though.

Also you could _possibly_ rip the RedHat NPTL patches out of their kernel
SRPM and apply them to a vanilla 2.4.22 kernel. Looking at the spec file
you'd need these patches:

  # threading backport and O(1) scheduler backport;
  # last because they need to
  # be ifarch'd and touch a lot of code
  Patch11000: linux-2.4.20-o1-sched+threading-backport.patch
  Patch11001: linux-2.4.20-noresched.patch
  Patch11002: linux-2.4.20-futex-debug.patch
  Patch11003: linux-2.4.20-softlockup.patch
  Patch11004: linux-2.4.20-ptrace.patch
  Patch11005: linux-2.4.22-security-nptl.patch
  Patch11006: linux-2.4.20-ntpl-signal-delivery-fix.patch
  Patch11030: linux-2.4.20-noscheduler.patch
  Patch11031: linux-2.4.20-ptrace-hammer.patch
  Patch11032: linux-2.4.22-security.patch

Still, it would probably get ugly pretty quickly.

Anyone up for porting the v1.0 vserver patch to a Red Hat kernel? There'd be
lots of happy customers =) ...


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