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From: Lyn St George (lyn_at_zolotek.net)
Date: Fri 07 Nov 2003 - 21:47:12 GMT

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 19:34:37 +0100, Herbert Poetzl wrote:

>> Thanks for that warning Herbert. One more question: would it be
>> possible to use the old vserver-0.18 toolset on the vs1.00
>no, they won't work, but you could get away with an almost
>working setup, if you only replace the chcontext and chbind
>executables with the newer version, and keep your old scripts
>(no guarantee on that, though ...)
>> patched kernel? The reason I ask is that I modified those tools
>> to build a vserver from 2 skels (one with hard links, the other with
>> plain copies) and while I will modify the new ones I now find myself
>> in a hurry to fix a server crash caused by an old bug in ctx12.
>> If you can't find a definitive answer off the top of your head
>> then I'll just go ahead and modify the new tools.
>maybe a diff between the 0.18 original and your tools, would
>still apply to the newer 0.26 tools ... (with some help ;)
>by the way, what modifications did you do?

This is the embarassing thing - I can't find the patched sources
anywhere:/ One was to the vserver shell script, which I've rescued
off the server. Basically this just did this:
- cp -ax /sbin /bin /etc /usr /var /lib /vservers/$1/. || exit 1
+ cp -ax /vservers/skel.b/* /vservers/$1/. || exit 1
and removed all the stuff for ifconfig up|down, netmask and similar
(this was all put in separate scripts), but it is the vbuild.cc which I
don't have. This forced a copy with hard links from skel.a, and
also removed any use of rpms (I really don't like that Redhat
PackageMangler ..) plus a couple of other things. All I have now is
the compiled executable. Arrgghhh


Now it gets worse. Having just built a new kernel and plonked
it into /boot, I find that /boot is empty. All previous kernels,
boot.b and others are missing - just a 'kernel.h' for some
reason. This is RH 7.3. How could this happen?? Could it be
something to do with the ctx's changing to figures like 1755?
I built this kernel the same way as I've built every other kernel
so I'm stumped on this one. It seems that I've got to re-install
lilo to get boot.b and friends back (it won't work without it).

PS. this list is set for replies to go to the sender, rather than to
the list. Could someone change this please
Lyn St George
+ http://www.zolotek.net .. eCommerce hosting, consulting

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