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From: Matthew Nuzum (matt_at_followers.net)
Date: Mon 10 Nov 2003 - 16:01:18 GMT

Hi Petar,

I fully understand where you're at. Everyone on this list was new to linux
at some time. As far as patching a RedHat kernel, I haven't had too much
luck doing that, but I think the process might have gotten better lately.

One good place to start is the RedHat Customization Guide. Here is a link
to the RedHat documentation:
http://www.redhat.com/support/resources/howto/rhl9.html. You'll see a link
down lower on the page for the customization guide. Once there, check
Appendix A for instructions on building a kernel.

Since you will want to also probably learn about patching and etc, another
good document is the Linux Kernel Howto available at

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Subject: [Vserver] RH9 (was RH8) + P4 Hyperthreading - what is needed?

I wimped out and installed a basic RH9 install on the box to check
the native HT support which works well. The box has 2.4.20-8
kernel and boots the SMP variant by default.

Is there a kernel patch for this stock version that I could use or
must I use a later version? If so, where does it live?

Anyone aware of a readme that will take me through the kernel
patching process (many years of Windows machine but only months
of linux time so still learning)?

I had a look on linux-vserver.org but either I'm blind (probably)
or the info is buried deep and out of sight.

I have the intel e1000 nic drivers installed so at least the box
can talk to the world.

If I can get this working I will ask questions about how to put my
workflow process to operating up on a page somewhere for other
novices to follow. I have the advantage of really doing most of
this for the first time which can make for lots of detail for others :-)


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Subject: Re: [Vserver] RH8 + P4 Hyperthreading - what is needed?

> On Sat, 08 Nov 2003 14:57, Petar wrote;
> > Being a bit of a novice I thought I would ask before blundering in
> > on a new server build to test this Vserver stuff.
> > Is a pre-built RH 8.0 rpm kernel available that will also support
> > the Pentium 4 Hyperthreading technology or must I download and
> > build from source? Any tricks I might need to know as far as
> > config parameters to get his working in this config? Does this
> > fall under the SMP specs in the kernel or is HT support built into
> > the standard kernel?
> You need to enable ACPI for the HyperThreading to be enabled,
> apparently. Config option CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY, under general setup.
> If you have any problems with the standard kernel, you might have more
> luck with the Alan Cox kernel, as it is what Red Hat have based their
> kernel on in the past, and is generally better for hardware support on
> high end hardware. Note: there is a question mark over the future of
> the -ac kernels is uncertain as apparently Alan is retraining.
> The -ac patch is at:
> /pub/linux/kernel/people/alan/linux-2.4/patch-2.4.22-ac4.bz2
> on your local ftp.kernel.org mirror.
> Vserver patch for that kernel is at:
> http://www.vilain.net/linux/ctx/split-2.4.22-ac4-c17g2/
> You will need util-vserver 0.24 rather than Jacque's vserver to
> support this kernel, as it is based on an pre-1.1.0 version of the
> kernel patch.
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> Sam Vilain, sam_at_vilain.net
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