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From: Cedric Veilleux (cedric_at_neopeak.com)
Date: Wed 19 Nov 2003 - 03:40:40 GMT

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On November 18, 2003 05:56 pm, ian douglas wrote:
> any 'gtochas' that you care to share up-front?
> I've never even seen gentoo, I'm just getting the ISO's onto my system now
> to burn CD's to see what the installation is like. A buddy of mine says
> that
 everything compiles from source as part of the installation and took
> his system an awfully long time (12+ hours) to get set up on a PIII-1Ghz;
> is that about right?

If you don't even know gentoo why do you want to use it in a vserver

No matter which distro you use, you will need a fairly good knowledge of the
inner working of the distribution you choose to get things running smoothly..

Now, regarding the actual topic, I've been using Gentoo hosts and vservers in
production environment for web and email hosting (Main applications I run are
Apache, Qmail, mySQL, Tomcat and postgresql). It does work very well.

I would recommend staying away completly from gentoo's init system inside the
vserver. I did managed it to somewhat work but it must be customized quite a
lot. Basically, all boot level scripts must be disabled, but most
application's init scripts will depend on them, so you need to modify pretty
much all the script you need. The /sbin/rc script also performs quite a few
nasty stuff you don't want to be happening inside the vserver (mounting a tmp
filesystem for example) so it needs to be tweaked a bit too, which makes
things hard to maintain for such a simple task. After all, you only need an
automated way to start a few processes...

I've recently come up with a much easier solution that works even better. The
"vserver" script will execute "/etc/rc.d/rc" inside the vserver when starting
and stopping it. This file is the rc script on RedHat I guess, and it does
not exist on Gentoo.

So I created one from scratch which looks like this:

- ---------8<-----------

case $1 in


- ---------8<-----------

Then I created a script named boot.sh containing the commands to start the
needed services and an halt.sh that stops them.

Hope that helps,

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