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From: Allen D. Parker II (allenp_at_efn.org)
Date: Wed 19 Nov 2003 - 10:59:03 GMT

I've been working with the Gentoo development team to get as many kinks
ironed out as possible. I've gotten a "stage1" modification done for
virtualization of my own machine with the only "major" change being me
adding /sbin/depscan.sh to the 4th line of /sbin/rc ... the rest of the
changes are basically faking things like mount/umount and working with
making a decent syslogd (syslog-ng) work correctly (metalog will be my next

I've been talking with avenj and will be talking to seemant the next time I
see him (he got married today), in regards to creating a new Gentoo profile
for vservers.

I've spent MOST of this evening working on getting a reliable
version-independent ebuild for util-vserver going and will be working on
that the rest of this week. Hopefully by Monday next week I'll have had
avenj/seemant at the very least ok the ebuild for the portage tree. At that
point, I'll be proposing the creation of a sys-vserver/ category to carpaski
(portage maintainer), to house util-vserver, jack's vserver, and
vserver-base (a modified Gentoo baselayout). Once the userland stuff is
taken care of, I'll be creating an ebuild (if nobody else has) of
sys-kernel/vserver-sources including masking of all versions of the vserver
patchsets including experimental >= vs1.00.

In that respect, when I have decent Gentoo vserver support taken care of,
I'll be working on setting up stage1, stage2 and stage3 vserver images as
well as some helper scripts and patches that allow a system to have one
/usr/portage (except distfiles, which would be on a per-machine basis), and
disabling emerge sync inside a vserver.

When I've got the backend portion of things done, I'll be working on
documenting what I've done.

Ian, he probably started stage1, If I were you, I'd take advantage of GRP
and stage3 installs. You'll only be building a kernel initially and it
really streamlines the install process. If you have any questions for me,
PLEASE, don't hesitate to ask, I'd be more than happy to help you in
whatever way I can.

OFF TOPIC: I had a nice long conversation with lilo tonight (if you know
about freenode/openprojects, you'll know the name), and I'd really like to
see a #vserver there instead of oftc. Freenode/openprojects has a much
better userbase (see: http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/ oftc.net isn't even
in the top 20), with #gentoo as the top channel (*grin*) I know *our*
userbase isn't that huge, but I really think that freenode is the best
network for a project that cooperates as we do. Politics is something I
really don't like to get stuck in the middle of, and it seems from reading
the sites of both oftc and freenode that freenode is DEFINITELY attempting
to distance itself of any of that nonsense. I figure that if oftc were
serious about running a network instead of having a virtual government,
perhaps they'd be a better network. At this point, I'm personally boycotting
oftc as a network. If you'd like to speak to me about *my* contributions to
the linux-vserver project or the Gentoo linux distribution, feel free to
join irc.freenode.net and /msg infowolfe, if I'm around, I'll definitely
answer you as soon as is humanly possible.

Citing: 1) http://www.freenode.net/philosophy.shtml
                2) http://www.oftc.net/constitution/index.html

I only ask that before you flame/attack me personally, that you investigate
your own truths and decide for yourself what you'd rather believe. The man I
spoke with tonight (lilo - Rob Levin), is a man of bruised, if not broken
spirit. Freenode and lilo for that matter, really don't have anything wrong
with them, he's a cheerful, upbeat guy overall, and stresses that his #1
priority is treating his users and channels with respect. I also had a
conversation with dmwaters (Deedra), his senior staffer tonight, and they're
really not what they've been made out to be. They're just trying to provide
something above and beyond to the open source community, and if
linux-vserver, it's users or project developers are more interested in
politics than getting the job done (which I haven't seen, and is one of the
reasons I'm so invested in this project), perhaps I should make a choice of
my own and discontinue doing what I can do for a project I believe in.

That's my $.02, I don't mean any disrespect to anyone, just airing my
opinion in a public forum.

Cheers, and keep up the good work!
(btw, friends call me Chip, if you're on this list, you're considered a


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> On November 18, 2003 05:56 pm, ian douglas wrote:
> > any 'gtochas' that you care to share up-front?
> >
> > I've never even seen gentoo, I'm just getting the ISO's onto my system
> now
> > to burn CD's to see what the installation is like. A buddy of mine says
> > that
> everything compiles from source as part of the installation and took
> > his system an awfully long time (12+ hours) to get set up on a PIII-
> 1Ghz;
> > is that about right?
> If you don't even know gentoo why do you want to use it in a vserver
> environment?
> No matter which distro you use, you will need a fairly good knowledge of
> the
> inner working of the distribution you choose to get things running
> smoothly..
> Now, regarding the actual topic, I've been using Gentoo hosts and vservers
> in
> production environment for web and email hosting (Main applications I run
> are
> Apache, Qmail, mySQL, Tomcat and postgresql). It does work very well.
> I would recommend staying away completly from gentoo's init system inside
> the
> vserver. I did managed it to somewhat work but it must be customized quite
> a
> lot. Basically, all boot level scripts must be disabled, but most
> application's init scripts will depend on them, so you need to modify
> pretty
> much all the script you need. The /sbin/rc script also performs quite a
> few
> nasty stuff you don't want to be happening inside the vserver (mounting a
> tmp
> filesystem for example) so it needs to be tweaked a bit too, which makes
> things hard to maintain for such a simple task. After all, you only need
> an
> automated way to start a few processes...
> I've recently come up with a much easier solution that works even better.
> The
> "vserver" script will execute "/etc/rc.d/rc" inside the vserver when
> starting
> and stopping it. This file is the rc script on RedHat I guess, and it does
> not exist on Gentoo.
> So I created one from scratch which looks like this:
> - ---------8<-----------
> #!/bin/sh
> case $1 in
> 3)
> /etc/rc.d/boot.sh
> ;;
> 6)
> /etc/rc.d/halt.sh
> ;;
> esac
> - ---------8<-----------
> Then I created a script named boot.sh containing the commands to start the
> needed services and an halt.sh that stops them.
> Hope that helps,
> Cedric
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