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From: Allen D. Parker II (allenp_at_efn.org)
Date: Wed 19 Nov 2003 - 19:52:59 GMT

> > Citing: 1) http://www.freenode.net/philosophy.shtml
> > 2) http://www.oftc.net/constitution/index.html
> >
> Hi Chip!
> please elaborate, and do not 'boycott' without giving
> some rationale or explaining the how and why ...
> I don't see a reason for changing the irc network,
> so please give me some hints ... or ask the community,
> if the majority is for a change, we'll probably move
> _again_ ... if you just wan't a broader audience, why
> not 'reactivate' the bridge we had between oftc and
> freenode?

I've got a few reasons why *I* am not willing to support oftc. First off, I
feel that personal attacks against the owner of a network are pretty petty,
if not immature. I feel that politics really should have no business in a
meeting place that is supposed to welcome developers and users alike with
open arms. (see constitution, that's a virtual gov't, not an irc network!)

The network's owner, lilo aka Robert Levin, has been personally attacked
from so many places that I think it's amazing that he's still running a
network at all, let alone one that hosts a project as busy as #gentoo. For
that, I give him credit. I've had one on one conversations with lilo about
all kinds of things, and most of the bad press he's had in the past has been
exactly that, in the past. In the amount of time I've spent on freenode,
they've been mostly stable, and doing a wonderful job for their budget
(absolutely nothing). If anyone would like to see some of the conversations
between myself and lilo, feel free to ask me off-list and I'll gladly send
them to you.

Personally, in my conversations with lilo, I've found one thing out: despite
extreme personal financial hardship, he's managed to keep one of the busier
irc networks up.

I think that lilo expresses why I'm not interested in supporting oftc in any
way shape or form best:
[14:35] <lilo> I guess I'm not enthusiastic about politics because it always
seems to me to be about either trying to divert resources from someone
else's project to your own, or trying to prevent someone from doing that.

The basic gist of why I chose to stop supporting oftc is this: I'd rather
not support *in any way* a network/project/person that is willing to slander
another to get ahead.

Google for "lilo openprojects" click a few pages... you'll see lots and lots
of stuff from a long time ago, and shouldn't see anything recently. In
regards to lilo wallop'ing asking for donations, that hasn't happened since
august of 2002.

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