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From: Georges Toth (georges_at_norm.lu)
Date: Thu 20 Nov 2003 - 13:47:27 GMT

> > herbert, there is no "gentoo" kernel like there is a i.e. RH-kernel,
> > there are many kernels you can choose of.
> > here's the list of currently available kernels under gentoo:
> hmm, and what is in the gentoo-sources?

:-D.... waht i meant is, there is no single kernel like on suse mandr rh
etc ....
there are many including vanilla etc
gentoo-sources is the latest considered "stable" kernel + some patches and
fixes etc

> > if i understood that correctly, chip wants to make a vanilla+vserver
> > ebuild ("package")...?
> > so there are no "strange" patches already applied by gentoo which cause
> > conflicts or such...

> okay, so if I understand that right, it would make sense
> to have two? vserver-sources kernels, one stable and the
> other 'experimental' which actually is devel+ all the
> other nice stuff like quota, disk-limits, memory-limits
> O(1) scheduler and rmap15k ... right?

actually one
you create ebuilds for all version of vserver including the experiemental
stuff. the devel ebuilds get masked.
so people who want to have a stable system install the stable ebuilds, others
install the devel ebuilds.

(ebuilds are stored in a folder, in the portage tree i.e. vserver-sources....)


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