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From: Tom Walsh (slim_at_ala.net)
Date: Tue 02 Dec 2003 - 22:08:28 GMT

> Hi all,
> Sorry for the OT, I've searched high and low and sometimes
> the best recommendation is word of mouth.
> I'm looking for some decent software for managing DNS zone
> files (on a BIND nameserver). Preferably something with a
> web-based interface. It would need to automate the process of
> creating zones and propogating the config data to slaves.
> I've tried a few from freshmeat et al, and they've been
> useless. Does anybody have any recommendations?

We had actually looked at this same thing about a year ago. There is a
module that replaces the db backend in bind 9.x, but there was some
reason why that wasn't a good thing... I forget now... I think it might
have been a performance issue. (I seem to recall that performance was an
order of magnitude slower.)

I know that you mentioned bind specifically... But we also looked at
PowerDNS, and while we liked the functionality... We were really
concerned with how well a DNS that serves directly from a database
(MySQL) would scale and maintain the level of uptime we desired. (Not to
take anything away from PowerDNS, I hear it is a good dns server.)

We eventually rolled our own using a MySQL backend and a PHP script that
checks the database for updates every 5 minutes ("select count(id) as
count from zones where updated_".$server_id." = 1"). This allowed us to
have the zone transfer functionality without actually having to set it
up (both dns servers are technically masters for the zone in question).

I have that script if you are interested, unfortunately our web based
front end is integrated into our support application for our end users
and I can't unbundle it and still retain its functionality.

DJB's tinydns is even easier to use since once you make a change to the
master file, it automatically rehashes a cdb file which can easily be
rsynced to a remote computer... But then not everybody likes DJB and his
way of doing things...

Just some alternatives and my experiences with the problem...

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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