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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Mon 08 Dec 2003 - 20:14:20 GMT

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 08:04:54AM -0500, mile1_at_bellsouth.net wrote:
> Hello Herbert,
> I'm I so confused on where I need to start, I have a a
> completely new install of RH9 w/ kernel 2.4.20-6.

currently Alex's FreeVPS is the only version
supporting 2.4.x RH kernels, I'm not sure if
2.4.20-6 is supported yet ...

> I want to get as close to stable as possible, also I would
> like to say that I'm learning much from the vserver community,
> and everyone committed to the project, my applause you all !!!!

great, guess you are now part of that community ;)

> If someone can point me in the direction to stabilizing an
> environment for vserver web hosting w/ a control panel like
> (Plesk or Ensim, ect), I would very much appreciate it.

don't know about frontends or control panels, there
are some projects working on that, and you might
find some links on the site wiki ...
(anybody with good suggestions, speak up!)

> p.s. If I need to upgrade the kernel, what procedures will I
> need to follow to do this? I've never patched a kernel by hand
> before, and I've alway just ran the rpm's to do this.

the process of kernel patching/building, basically
boils down to the following sequence:

1) download kernel sources and patches ...

 # tar xjf linux-2.4.23.tar.bz2
 # wget http://www.13thfloor.at/vserver/s_release/v1.20/patch-2.4.23-vs1.20.diff

2) patch the kernel

 # cd linux-2.4.23
 # patch -p1 <../patch-2.4.23-vs1.20.diff

3) copy the 'old' kernel config of your current kernel

 # cp ~/kernel.config .config

4) configure the kernel (only new options are asked)

 # make oldconfig
 # make menuconfig

5) build the dependancies and the kernel/modules

 # make dep >../Dep.log
 # make bzImage modules >../Build.log

6) install the resulting kernel and modules

 # make install modules_install

7) configure/check the bootloader lilo/grub/whatever

> I currently have FreeVPS running and it great, thanks ALEX,
> and your documentation is perfect. I just want to offer the
> latest RH OS to customers..

while Alex's branch is more RH specific, you can
use a vanill kernel with vs1.00/vs1.20 on the host
system as there should be no issues with RH OS on
a vanilla kernel, YMMV


> Thank you.
> TyroneM
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