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From: Christian Mayrhuber (christian.mayrhuber_at_osiris.at)
Date: Wed 07 Jan 2004 - 12:17:08 GMT

Matthew Nuzum wrote:
> Time outs like that often mean dns related problems.
> Have you added the proper dns settings to /etc/resolv.conf in the vserver?
> If so, does your mailserver run in a chroot jail? (like postfix) If so,
> you need to copy the resolv.conf settings to the jail or your mailserver
> will not know about them. If you're using postfix, it might be:
> /var/spool/postfix/etc/resolv.conf
> That problem can be very frustrating and hard to track down.
> BTW, if it's not dns related, the next most likely problem is routing, but
> I've never seen that happen in a vserver.
> HTH,
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> Hi Christian!
> Could you describe how this problem looked like? I have a mail-sending
> problem
> too and have absolutely no idea anymore, how to solve it:
> A mailserver running on a vserver on a 2.4.23-vs1.21-host can't contact one
> single remote mailserver (only 1 :-\). Connection always times out... and
> that's it. works well with all other mailservers. A telnet to port 25 from
> the host itself to this single mailserver times out equally..
> could this be a vserver-related problem? I'd never thought of that..

Thats exactly the problem I have.
The dns setup is right. It happens from the root server (ctx 0), too.
But does not happen if I use a standard kernel with the same configuration.
The remote mailserver is behind a netfilter firewall.

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