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From: Mauro Calderara (camauro_at_stud.phys.ethz.ch)
Date: Tue 11 May 2004 - 22:50:16 BST

Hi everyone

i'm not sure whether i'm posting to the correct list but i expect the
most people here that have seen the problem i met:

i'm using vserver on debian woody (2.4.25-vs1.26) and Paul Sladen's
bind9-nocapset stuff from his page. Has anyone ever tried to run named
of this package as non-root user using the -u option? i get here

named: -u not supported on Linux kernels older than 2.3.99-pre3 or
2.2.18 when using threads

when starting named. my options are "-u named -t /var/bind9 -c
... it is to say that this problem occurs both inside the vserver and
on the host-os, i.e. it is in fact not a vserver-problem. I still ask
on this list because if there are people using this package, they will
probably run vservers. I tested another package with the same result.
This was an issue 2 years ago on this mailing list but the guy with the
problem solved it by switching to djbdns which i'd like to avoid. Has
anyone seen this problem too? I have it here on 2 different machines
but according to google it seems not a problem for lots of people,
there are only few hits and no fixes or explanations i found ...
Bertl, the good-karma-guy from #vservers on OFTC suggested i use strace
to investigate the problem but i was unable to find something useful.
maybe bind has a problem with the "vs-1.26"-part of the output ...
could that be? i.e. how could i hack the kernel-source to return e.g.
2.4.25 instead of 2.4.25-vs1.26 ... or is that a bad idea because it'd
break other stuff? the strace-output is available on
https://limes2.dnsalias.net/namedstrace .

thanx in advance for any hints on how to solve the issue and have a
nice day everyone


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