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From: Konrad Korzeniowski (konrad_at_pandur.net)
Date: Fri 14 May 2004 - 16:38:47 BST

Hi everybody!

I couldn't find any contact (e-mail) to the developers of incredible
product - vserver, so I'm writing here to point out two "inconveniences"
  which I've encountered during installation of virtual hosts.

Both are touching starting scripts in /etc/init.d/ . I'm using two
vservers on two phisical machines connected by heartbeat daemon
(http://linux-ha.org). Vservers are "moving" between this machines in
case of failure of one of them. util-vserver scripts have to "talk" with
heartbeat using scripts located /etc/init.d/ but they didn't :-(

1. First problem was the easy one to solve - there were no script in
/etc/init.d/ for starting just ONE specified vserver from heartbeat.
I've quickly found out that construction of /sbin/vserver is that what I
(and heartbeat) need, so I've just copied this file with
/sbin/util-vserver definitions to /etc/init.d/.

Maybe in future releases Developers should add some link or script to
vserver (withot s at the end) script to /etc/init.d/ in 'make install'

2. Second one was horror. It took me few hours (no messages in logs) to
find out that heartbeat daemon which is trying to start some service
from /etc/init.d/ first is probeing it with 'status' option, greping the
result for 'running' keyword (and something else, I don't have it front
of my eyes now) and in this case not even trying to start service.
/etc/init.d/vservers and /sbin/vservers for stopped service are
returning '...not running...' 8-O

Is there any standart defining what should return stopped service called
out with option 'status'? I don't know who should I blame for this
situation ;-)
For now i've just changed source of /sbin/vserver repleacing 'not
running' with 'down', but it would be nice not to have do that again in
case of new installations of marvelous PRODUCT called "vserver".

Oh, and BTW - be aware of running two or more vservers with daemons
using loopback interface for communication - only one can bind to it :-)
My solution was to create IP aliases (priv class) and reconfigure
daemons to use it as loopback. Maybe there is better solution?

Thank you for your great job and attention, sorry for my poor english.

Happy "dual" vserver admin,
Konrad Korzeniowski

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