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From: Roderick A. Anderson (raanders_at_acm.org)
Date: Sat 22 May 2004 - 13:20:56 BST

On Sat, 22 May 2004, Herbert Poetzl wrote:

> On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 11:19:26PM +0000, ryanmh_at_comcast.net wrote:
> > Just FYI...
> thanks for checking this for us ...

And a thanks from me also. I hope I didn't sound too much like an
belligerent ass.

> Roderick: I asked Ryan to do those tests for us
> to check the impact of linux vserver on typical
> applications ...

OK, my lack of knowledge of what unixbench is and not taking enough time
to check it out before shooting the message off. (End of a long
frustrating day of 'almost' completed mini-projects.)

> so the overhead of linux vserver on the host
> is not measurable (it seems that it is slightly
> faster than a vanilla kernel, but within the
> expected and measured noise)


> and the overhead inside a vserver is roughly
> 2% which leaves us with 98% of the native
> performance ...

I got that feeling but wasn't sure if the numbers reflected good or bad.

> > Test machine:
> > Dual Xeon 2.8GHz
> > Fedora Core 2
> > binutils-
> > gcc-3.3.3
> > util-vserver-0.29-214

I lust! Turns out the quad Xenon I am suppose to get is still a couple of
months away. They're testing the replacement systems before completely
switching over. (Typically a good idea especially when 'they' are running
Windows 2003 server. :-)


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