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From: Matthias Wieser (matthias.wieser_at_hiasl.net)
Date: Thu 17 Jun 2004 - 23:35:44 BST

Am Thursday 17 June 2004 10:45 schrieb Matthias Wieser:

Bernhard Duebi wrote:

> Hi,
> today I did
> vserver vs01 build -m debootstrap ...
> vserver vs01 start
> vserver vs01 enter
> and it worked.
> But the point is, I want a SuSE based vserver. Unfortunately
> util-vserver doesn't know about SuSE. I'm sure I can make it work if I
> knew how util-vserver works. But by now I have no idea what it takes to
> make a vserver work.
Well also suse may be different, the principle is the following:
* make a skeleton
* cp files you need into that tree, /dev should not get populated!
No service should hardware related :-)

That is all it takes.
After that you can run the server ...

That is the shortest discription I am able to give to you.

Bootstraping suse may have the following steps:
vserver NAME build -m skeleton
mv /vserver/NAME/dev /vserver/NAME/dev.new
check all things, that the rpm program needs to run
After that install all needed packages within the host by doing a chroot

I hope that helps a bit to understand the vserver utils. They are plan bash,
if you want to read them /usr/share/util-vserver will hold them (or was
it /usr/lib/util-vserver

Ciao, Matthias

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