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From: bognár attila (attila_at_netalfa.hu)
Date: Tue 22 Jun 2004 - 08:05:55 BST


i'm an active and very pleased user of vserver, but only passive mailing
member. thank you very much for that software.

> 1) do we want an open mailing list (like lkml)
> instead of a closed (subscription only) list

as everybody else i receive a lot of spam everyday, many from mailing
lists. if the mailing lists were closed, i had far less spam.

i share the opinion of those who say that if somebody wants something
then he can subscribe. with mailman there is a _nomail_ option, so it is
possible to write mails but not receive any email sent to the list.

answer: NO

> 2) do we want martin to maintain and further
> improve the existing solution

if the list is closed, we don't need this. he could have more spare time :-)
(i thank him, too for the work he puts in favour of the community... and

answer: YES

> 3) are we able to tolerate/ignore the unavoidable
> spam every day/week/month

i don't think anyone has a choice here, if he wants to participate on
the mailing list (and the list is open) :-)
if the list is closed, we don't have to tolerate any spam, so we can
skip this question.

answer: YES

> 4) do we want the mailing list to become a medium
> of communication and cooperation for linux
> vserver

as i don't have time to follow irc, i am not always online and want to
access the news and important information (for example some
possibilities i don't know), for me (and people like me) email is the
best platform. (and i don't like browsing the web, i prefer receiving
everything to one place: my mailbox :-)

answer: YES

my answers: NO, YES, YES, YES



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