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From: Marc E. Fiuczynski (mef_at_CS.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Thu 22 Jul 2004 - 23:44:48 BST

Hi Liam,

I've tried to add myself to the vserver mailing lists again. But I have not
received any email from the list management program (or the list admin). In
responding to this email or the thread, please cc it to me as well.

>As far as I can tell, integration would be easy enough
>to do if you're simply adding a rule to your RBCE to
>classify based on the Context ID of a process. Also,
>in the vserver context, subclasses would be useful

This part is basically done. It is the minimum level of integration
necessary to map vservers into CKRM classes.

I asked Herbert (Bertl) on the IRC whether this would be something of
interest. I was glad that he liked the idea. From what I gather, the idea
for this type of integration was tossed around before.

Note that except for the addition of Context ID to the RBCE of CKRM, I am
not suggesting further integration between the two projects. Rather, what I
am suggesting is that vserver use the CPU and physical memory resource
controllers from CKRM rather than its own. Over time this would mean that
vserver would phase out its own support (and possibly code base) for these
resources. CKRM also provides other resource controllers that vserver would
benefit from. E.g., it has task, socket, and I/O resource controllers. The
task class is used to limit the number of process a class can have. The
socket class controls the rate of incoming TCP connections. And the I/O
class proportionally shares disk bandwidth. From what I gather, vserver does
not have such resource controllers, right?!

Of course, there are resource controllers that vserver has that are not yet
available in CKRM. The goal would be to port those over to the CKRM
framework. So, my basic questions are: What resource controllers are there
in vserver that are not yet in CKRM? And, is there anyone interested
(besides me) in porting those over to CKRM?


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