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From: Stephen Frost (sfrost_at_snowman.net)
Date: Mon 27 Dec 2004 - 15:50:51 GMT

* Kilian Krause (kk_at_verfaction.de) wrote:
> > > > | * pkglibdir is /usr/lib/util-vserver instead of /var/lib/util-vserver
> > >
> > > ??? this is standard in autoconf packages.
> >
> > I was wondering a bit about this myself.. The difference between
> > /usr/lib and /var/lib is pretty clear- is there stuff in util-vserver
> > that modifies things in the /usr/lib/util-vserver install? Or does
> > util-vserver normally install into /var/lib/util-vserver and that's the
> > complaint? I notice on my packaging of 0.30.195 it's in /usr/lib and I
> > don't see anything in there that looks like having it there is wrong..
> Well, it does install all into /usr/lib/ instead only the libvserver*
> into /usr/lib/ and the scripts and addon parts into /var/lib/ where IMHO
> they belong. Thus setting the pkglibdir is the only solution to clean up
> the dir structure for now. Feel free to tell me /usr/lib/ is right
> and /var/lib/ needn't be used.

Well, alright, here's how it is in my head (at least):

  /usr/bin for scripts/binaries expected to be used by users
  /usr/sbin for scripts/binaries expected to be used by superusers
  /usr/lib for libraries/.so files
  /usr/lib/util-vserver for programs/scripts *not* used by (super)users
  /usr/lib/util-vserver for system-depdendent static data
  /usr/share/util-vserver for system-independent static *data*
  /usr/share/doc/util-vserver for documentation
  /var/lib for system-dependent *variable* data

  I'm pretty sure this is pretty much what FHS says too, if I'm wrong
  about that, let me know. :)

  So, libvserver* into /usr/lib should be right, if libvserver should
  really be shipped at all. Scripts that you think a user/superuser
  would use should be in /usr/(s)bin. Scripts that are called by other
  scripts or other things in /usr/lib/util-vserver. Vserver roots
  should be in /var/lib/vservers, and let people create a symlink from
  there to wherever they'd like (exactly the same as I already do for
  postgres, apache, mysql and other things).

  Hope that helps... If there's other specific things you're wondering
  about I'd be happy to provide my feelings on it. :)


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