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From: Nicolas Costes (nicolas.costes_at_iut-laroche.univ-nantes.fr)
Date: Wed 26 Jan 2005 - 15:50:28 GMT

Le mercredi 26 Janvier 2005 16:01, Herbert Poetzl a écrit :
> /proc is a _virtual_ filesystem, it doesn't use up
> _any_ disk space at all, and you should not consider
> it if you are interested in the space a vserver
> uses up (on disk, that is), so your original command
> should look like this:
> du -sxb /vservers/*
> -x File system mount points are not traversed.

Ah, I didn't know this option, thanks. But I know that /proc takes no
space regardless of what is in it... the thing that made ma look twice is
the size difference between this vserver and the others. For exaple, i've
just built another Cups vserver (To replace this one that is now
broken ;) and everything here is as usual. The size "used" by /proc is 6
bytes, like the other vservers...

So, only one of my vserver suddenly decided to show /proc/kcore, and not
the others.

Ok, i've got more information: It seems that the various vservers' /proc
directories are unvisible from the host server. When entering a given
vserver, the contents of its proc dir appears... And has got a "size".

So why the hell this particular's proc dir is visible from the host
server, while it is _not apparently mounted_ ???

> of course, you can not remove the /proc filesystem
> by deleting files inside, you should _unmount_ it
> (either from withing the vserver or the same namespace)
> umount /vserver/vs4/proc or
> umount /proc (inside the vserver)

Anyway, i tried blindly "umount /vservers/vs4/proc", and it worked...
Still I cannot delete /vservers/vs4/proc, but it's empty, at least.

> > What happens ?
> nothing unexpected, really ;)
Well, what I meant, is why this difference from one vserver to others ?
First, why was it the only one to have proc mounted visible from the
host, and second why this didn't appear with a "mount" command on the
host ? (For the second, I have an idea... Maybe this is du to contexts,
no ?)

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