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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Sun 20 Feb 2005 - 21:08:40 GMT

On the other hand... always remember to look out for #1.

Taking over a Free Software Project isn't a life sentence. You've
already put in a monumental contribution to vserver, don't let a whole
load of whining users give you the impression that to follow what is good
for you is somehow not thoughtful, wrong, etc.

Of course if you can get them to effectively bankroll vserver development
whilst still being able to get access the the mindshare that they've
built up, no-one will complain about that either. Free lunches are good
while they last.

Besides, so long as you remain available on IRC to field support
questions, who will notice? ;)


ps beware of the dark side, it is seductive and persuasive. may the
source be with you at all times.

Micah Anderson wrote:
> Herbert,
> This is a great honor, congratulations!
> Ultimately the decision is up to you, however as someone who has found
> your presence in the vserver project to be incredibly valuable, I fear
> that we will loose such an important piece of this project if you were
> to take this position.
> Many free software developers are hired by corporations because the
> corporations have found that their software is valuable to them,
> their paying someone enables them to contribute to the community, as
> well as ensure that the development of the software is able to be
> sustained in such a way that does not leave them in a bind. It also
> gives them the ability to say that they contribute to the Free
> Software movement, if they find it advantageous to make such a claim.
> If this company is wanting to hire you so that you can continue to
> work on the vserver project (and get paid), then this is a great
> opportunity for you and weighing the pros and cons of taking this
> position are very easy.
> If the company is wanting to hire a good kernel developer to work on
> their product, then I would be suspicious. Why? Well, they obviously

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