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From: Ola Lundqvist (opal_at_debian.org)
Date: Tue 22 Feb 2005 - 21:44:36 GMT

On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 06:58:40PM -0600, Micah Anderson wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Feb 2005, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> > > > An example would be the difference between kernel-patch-2.4-grsecurity
> > > > (for 2.4 kernels and old grsec) and kernel-patch-grsecurity2 (for 2.6
> > > > kernels and new grsec). Obviously the maintainer of the -ctx patch and
> > > > the util-vserver does not find the newer patch and utilities important
> > > > or stable enough, but everyone else does.
> >
> > I have argued about this lot of times. I think the current development
> > branch is really good. The problem is that I do not see a timeline for the
> > Debian release and I would like a couple of months of testing (with the
> > package in testing) before I would like to release vserver to Debian
> > stable.
> I believe that it is possible to provide the new kernel patch and
> utilities in Sid (unstable) that do *not* migrate into Sarge, simply
> tag them as having an RC bug...
:) Yes but then the package may be removed by the FTP masters. That has
happend to be before.

> However, if we could say that Debian will not freeze in the next two
> months, would you consider putting the new kernel patches and
> utilities into Sid and letting them migrate into testing so that they
> can be tested for two months?

Two months is a bit short but if I knew that it is at least two months
until a freeze I would consider it.

> > > And, again, the current maintainer seems active, a little suprised he
> > > hasn't commented on this thread...
> >
> > I do not read this mailinglist every day. :)
> >
> > I want to explain this as it get up to discussion from time to time.
> >
> > 1) I'm interested in the development branch.
> Great...
> > 2) I really would like "upstream" to release this development branch
> > in some kind of stable version. We have discussed this quite a lot
> > and it do not seem too far away.
> The upstream has mentioned and commented in this thread that the 1.9.4
> release that has recently happened is "stable", it is a matter of
> semantics here.

Yes, I know that and as you have noted it has been discussed. Both on this
list and on IRC.

> > 3) I want the development branch to have at least a couple of months of
> > testing in the Debian distribution to catch the most critical issues before
> > sarge is released as stable. And right now I have no clue when this
> > is going to happen.
> I have a fairly decent idea because I am working on the sarge-testing
> security team trying to resolve all remaining security holes in sarge
> while the security buildd infrastructure is setup. Its not far off,
> but it is not inconceivable that it could be two months before
> everything is ready.

Ok. This was good information to know.

> However, I think the repository for testing is the unstable
> respository, put things there, let us who want to use it use it. Tag
> it with a RC bug so it doesn't merge into Sarge and then everyone will
> be happy.

Well then I would use exprimental instead. Let us start there at least.

> > 4) I will release a util-vservers and kernel-patch-ctx (or similar name)
> > to exprimental soon. I hope I can get some time, maybe tomorrow.
> Experimental is a good first step. I highly recommend changing the
> name to kernel-patch-vserver as the "ctx" name has not been used in a
> really long time, the website doesn't mention it and the project is
> known as vservers. Additionally, if you do an apt-cache search vserver
> you do *not* find kernel-patch-ctx, I thought that the vserver patch
> wasn't included in debian and was about to file an ITP before I found
> the kernel-patch-ctx package. Two and a half years from now, when
> Sarge is as old as Woody is now, the kernel-patch-ctx is going to be
> very outdated and it will have been about 4 years since anyone had
> referred to the project as CTX.

Agree with the name change. It will add a number of extra weeks to the
process as the ftp masters still have not approved my horde3 package that
I uploaded a week or two ago.

> > 5) My main focus before the release of sarge as stable, is to not get any
> > release critical bugs to my packages. It would be _very_ sad if util-vserver
> > will not be released at all becuase of build problems, RC bugs or similar.
> > Such decisions is FTP-masters and I can not do anything about it more than
> > having a really stable package.
> No problem... this makes perfect sense, however you can keep the newer
> version out of Sarge, and leave the one in there as it is and it will
> be fine.

I do not want to use unstable as I probably need to make some uploads
to the sarge version before the release. There might be issues needed
to take care of.

> > 1) Have heard of build problems on some arches.
> Can you elaborate so they can be fixed?

The problem right now is that I do not have access to machines to test on.

> > 3) Handling of /var/lib/vserver with backward compatibility mode.
> What needs to be done here?

I'm not sure. I think I have found a way to accomplish it but some testing

> > So please do not hijack my package. I have quite long experience with Debian
> > Development and I know that changing things just before a release is a _very_ bad
> > thing. I did so just before the last release (and during a security update) and I
> > have learnt a big lesson there.
> As I have said over and over and over again, and will say so here
> again, I do not want to hijack your package. I simply wanted to either
> encourage you to update it before it was too late, or to put together
> a different package.

Good to hear. :)


// Ola

> Micah

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