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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Tue 22 Mar 2005 - 16:59:48 GMT

Hi Community!

the util-vserver tools (which started as a rewrite
of the existing tools jacques provided) did see a
lot of innovative changes and overall improvements
in the last year (or a little longer) and we all
know that the tools are very important for usability
and acceptance of Linux-VServer ...

now we are trying to focus on stabilizing tools and
kernel (for 2.6) to such degree, that we might be
able to get a stable release in a few months ...

you probably remember the guy doing all that work
(on util-vserver) Enrico Scholz, who managed to still
maintain those tools while working on his studies ...
now (or to be precise, a forthnight ago) he finished
his diploma thesis ... -- Congratulations Enrico!

but unfortunately this means that he will leave the
university campus, which in turn means that he will
lose his internet conenctivity (actually pretty soon,
i.e. next wednesday), which again means, that he will
not be able to work on that stuff, if we do not find
a suitable solution to get him network access ...

it seems that for now (please correct me if you know
more than we do) some kind of dial-up (probably ISDN)
is the only way for him ... and as he is living in
germany, I thought maybe some cool provider could
help him there, because ISDN (not speaking of 24/7)
is really not cheap in europe ...

so I'd like to ask on his behalf: is sombody able to
sponsor/provide/arrange/whatever internet connectivity
for Enrico (D-09432 Grossolbersdorf) so that he can
continue his work on util-vserver and allow him to
work with the community?

please let us know!


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