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From: Paul S. Gumerman (psg_at_cooldog.com)
Date: Mon 28 Mar 2005 - 06:33:17 BST

Herbert ... hope you can help. Here's what's happened:

I've had 1.94-rc4 with kernel 2.6.11-rc3 running just fine on a dual
Opteron box under FC3-x86_64. I have two vservers that I startup on
reboot, and two more "reference" servers that were startable. These are
all FC3-x86_64 vservers.

Thursday, I did a "yum update", and got 18 packages updated. Then I
downloaded vserver-util-0.30.205 (I was REALLY excited to read about
vhashify, and wanted to try it), found an updated dietlibc-0.28
(previous version would not build on x86_64), built and installed that,
then built and installed util-vserver.

Ran "vserver fc3-reference hashify", which ran ok with one message
(sorry, can't recall it now).

Then tried "vserver loco-reference hashify" which failed with a message
saying "vserver ... suexec is support for running vserver only; aborting
..." *BTW, that should read "supported".*

I tried to start loco-reference, but got the message "an error occurred
.... very likely that initscript faild ...." with no other details
regarding just what had failed. When I started it again, I did get the
message that lines 1 and 3 in the fstab had failed because the fs's were
already mounted, so it did get that far, at least.

I also found that I could no longer stop any of the running vservers.
The message was ".... still running unexpectedly. Please investigate it

Running vserver-stat results in a Segmentaion fault.

I tried going back to util-vserver-0.30.203 ... didn't change anything.
I tried linking with glibc ... again no change. I tried rebooting ...
no change.

One interesting thing ... the two vservers that are set up to start on
boot still start! (Which is a very good thing, since my development
database in now running in one of those vservers.)

Also, this might be a hint: if I try running vtop (as root) I get
"chcontext: execvp: ("top") Permission denied"

I also just noticed that the attempt to hashify, after the reboot, now
also says "failed to determine configfiles".


Let me know if there's any more info that I can provide


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