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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Tue 22 Mar 2005 - 23:54:27 GMT

Hi Community!

right back from every week 'Sneak-Preview' and it was
a really excellent movie today "Million Dollar Baby"
(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0405159/), very touchy
stuff ...

... well and I just though you should know that this
project would be _nothing_ without a community behind it.
of course, there are just a few 'developers' working on
the code, and you might be inclined to say "hey they are
doing the work in their sparetime, they probably have
their reasons for doing so" and right you are ...

so "what is the part or role of the community in this
project?" you might ask, and it's pretty simple ...

we (the developers) spend our time and use our knowledge
to simply make this project the absolutely _best_ on the
'market' ... because we want to make big money? no, just
because we _think_ we can do it ...

and in turn, we need YOU! the community to help us with
our efford, in various ways ...

 - request new features, reject/block weird stuff
 - propose new ideas, complain about broken things
 - test and last but not least _use_ the 'product'
 - help out with your time, resources or money

so you should know that you are always welcome to
participate in this _great_ project, in so many ways,
(and personally, I really appreciate any feedback)

and it's quite simple, either this product is exactly
what you want, then you get it for free, but hopefully
feel a lot better if you can give back something ...

or this product is not what you want, then please,
pretty pretty please, stand up, and let us know what
we should improve ...

in any case,

thanks a lot for your support!

(Public Relations^W^WDeveloper)

  ... this could be heaven for everyone
  This world could be fed, this world could be fun
  This could be heaven for everyone, yeah
  This world should be free, this world could be one

        -- "Heaven For Everyone" (Queen)

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