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From: Gaz Wilson (dragon_at_dragons.org.uk)
Date: Wed 30 Mar 2005 - 11:53:53 BST

On a slightly separate note, can someone answer me the following
queries/oddities I am experiencing.

I have /etc/vserver.conf (and /usr/local/etc/vserver.conf) -
both of these files specify the VS root dir as being /local/vservers,
yet when I user vserver build, it insists on trying to put the new
server inside /vservers. It seems to ignore the config file entirely,
why is this?

Even when I "fool" the system by symlinking /vservers to /local/vservers,
when I create the vserver, the build process seems to install data into
/local/vservers/<server> but ALSO
/usr/local/etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase/<server> - and it is this
second location which the build process tries to chroot - is this second
location just a copy of the "proper" location used only when setting
up the vserver? I ask because it is exactly the same size as the copy
in /local/vservers - and of course my /usr partition doesn't have
anywhere near the disk capacity of /local, so this duplication concerns

Again, sorry for basic questions to list, these are only "issues" I am
discovering since going to a hand-built 2.6 kernel and development
version of vservers ;-)

On that question, roughly how close are we to having a "stable" release for
2.6 kernels suitable for production environments (which is ultimately
where I intend to run these vservers!!)

Many thanks all


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