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From: Daniel S. Reichenbach (dsr_at_best-off.org)
Date: Wed 06 Apr 2005 - 08:29:41 BST


> This may be somewhat off-topic, but why is it that people like centos
> which seems to me like REL without support. Since support is what REL is
> all about, wouldn't it be better to go with FC3 (soon 4) rather than a
> bunch of outdated software that comprises EL?
> What am I missing?
Fedora Core is updating packages way to fast. While I believe it is
fine for personal use to always have the latest version of a package,
in business it seems more appropriate to have a working version and
only upgrade for security reasons or bug fixes - which is what also
differs RHEL from FC - and upgrade to newer versions only if it has
significant benefits to offer.

I have tried to use Fedora Core for business projects, but this is
not a Good Thing(tm). Since I am using FC since its first release, I
have noticed, they release packages breaking backward compatibility
or even the complete system at least every fourth month. While the
rate has lowered, it still is to high for professional use I'd say.

IMHO for business projects you need systems where you can say they
will run for two or three years without flaws. This is what RHEL
offers with support and CentOS without support.

With kind regards,
Daniel S. Reichenbach

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