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From: Paul S. Gumerman (psg_at_cooldog.com)
Date: Wed 06 Apr 2005 - 19:06:52 BST

My thoughts exactly! I'll be doing a test install today, then patching
a kernel for drbd + linux-vserver.

Daniel S. Reichenbach wrote:

>>This may be somewhat off-topic, but why is it that people like centos
>>which seems to me like REL without support. Since support is what REL is
>>all about, wouldn't it be better to go with FC3 (soon 4) rather than a
>>bunch of outdated software that comprises EL?
>>What am I missing?
>Fedora Core is updating packages way to fast. While I believe it is
>fine for personal use to always have the latest version of a package,
>in business it seems more appropriate to have a working version and
>only upgrade for security reasons or bug fixes - which is what also
>differs RHEL from FC - and upgrade to newer versions only if it has
>significant benefits to offer.
>I have tried to use Fedora Core for business projects, but this is
>not a Good Thing(tm). Since I am using FC since its first release, I
>have noticed, they release packages breaking backward compatibility
>or even the complete system at least every fourth month. While the
>rate has lowered, it still is to high for professional use I'd say.
>IMHO for business projects you need systems where you can say they
>will run for two or three years without flaws. This is what RHEL
>offers with support and CentOS without support.
>With kind regards,
>Daniel S. Reichenbach
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