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From: Nicolas Costes (nicolas.costes_at_iut-laroche.univ-nantes.fr)
Date: Tue 12 Apr 2005 - 22:12:27 BST

Le mardi 12 Avril 2005 18:37, Herbert Poetzl a écrit :
> you can compile in and enable the vserver debugging system
> (kernel side support) will give you plenty of messages
> once enabled too but if you 'know' what you're looking
> for, it's probably easy to find ...

Well, that's my problem, I don't know what to look for in the logs...
This debug stuff seems a good idea. The messages go through Klogd, right ?

> but I'm still pretty sure that it is simpler to find the
> issue in an strace or maybe even in a debug log with
> reasonably high debug level ...

Well, this hasn't proven easy.

> copy the entire system into a vserver and start it there
> (after allowing for broadcasts and binding to the broadcast
> address),

This is interesting: I actually suspect something like that. What (where !) do
you mean by allowing broadcasts ? It is a capability, if I remember
correctly ?

> then, if it fails too, run a single tests (maybe
> automated?) to do the necessary steps, strace both apps
> (the one on the working server and the one inside the guest)
> then compare the straces (with a little script maybe) and
> look for differences (i.e. syscalls which succeed in one
> trace but fail in the other, sections left out in either
> trace, etc)

Thank you very much for all thoses ideas, i'll have something to eat
tommorow ;-)


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