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From: Oliver Dietz (o.dietz_at_arcor.de)
Date: Sat 18 Jun 2005 - 11:08:37 BST

Hi Mike,

> I use SuSE SLES 9 guests, except I cheated.
> I just copied an entire "minimal" install and I use that (+ vserver config
> file) as the vserver "base". Yep it's a big on the heavy side (at 220+
> packages) but it seems to work just fine. And I use YAST inside my SLES 9
> Vservers to connect to a local YOU update mirror (also running inside a
> Vserver) and it all seems to work just fine.

Wow, thats great! Exactly what i need!

i've tried that one week ago (with suse 9.2 prof.) ...

(1) made 2 partitions
(2) installed suse to each partition (making 2 minimal installations)
(3) used the one as vserver-host, the other as a template for a vserver
(4) deploy-vserver ... skeleton
(5) copied the template to there
(6) replaced fstab
(7) done some thinks i don't remind
(8) tryied to start and it doesn't work :-((
(9) searched a bit but no solution found

i think i've done some big mistake in step 7 ... so i will retry next
weekend ... and post the result ...

> This may not help you though as it sounds like you want a nice, tidy
> solution!

no ... i want a fully-featured-minimal-suse that fits the requirements for
some closed-source products like confixx (and others)

> On a positive(?) note, SuSE SLES 10 will incorporate Xen 3 into it and so
> you won't need Vservers at all to run virtualized SuSE instances. Of
> course
> that's not due for release until 1st Quarter of next year!
> Hmm come to think of it, SuSE 9.3 has Xen packages available now, but I'd
> use Vservers over Xen at the moment. However this may well change in
> August
> when Xen version 3.0 comes out. There's lots and lots of news at the
> moment
> about various big name vendors backing Xen, as well as stuff about it
> being
> put into the mainstream Linux Kernel shortly.

That are interesting news for me ...
But i've to set up a webserver in the next month ...


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