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From: Mike Tierney (miket_at_marketview.co.nz)
Date: Thu 23 Jun 2005 - 22:39:38 BST

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> > > I just thought you might like a glimpse of one other way someone is
> doing
> > this
> > > sort of thing.
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> > hmm, you sure you know what linux-vserver 2.6/vs2.0 can do?

> I guess I don't... I'm running out of hardware to experiment with, so I
> haven't been playing with the new stuff too much.

VMware Workstation (virtual machine software) will let you have as many
different distributions of Linux (or *BSD or Solaris 10) running as you have
disk space for. It has both Windows and Linux versions. It costs money to
buy the software but you can download an Evaluation Copy. It also lets you
clone your virtual machines as well, or even "snapshot" them while they are
running. Great tool for messing about with stuff and/or cross-platform

> You know, if a distro wanted to get some media attention, they could put
> some effort behind the vserver project and roll it into their distro as an
> optional module with a nice config tool.

As much as I like Vservers (we use them on 2 of our Production servers!!) it
looks like the Xen project (open source virtual machine software) IS getting
LOTS of media coverage and attention/resources from vendors (Novell, IBM,
Sun, HP, Redhat, etc). Apparently the current version (v2) isn't that great
but the next version (due out in August) sounds like a huge leap forward.
Even though its virtual machines rather than virtual servers, they claim way
less overhead than other Virtual Machine software (like the VMware server

Check out http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/06/15/xen_goes_three

Then do a few googles and you find lots of other interesting stuff, like IBM
sinking research people into making a security enchanced version (XenSE),

> Of course, I don't know if vserver can be built as an optional module,
> I've only built it into a vanilla kernel, but still... they could raise a
> of hype and woo some enterprise (aka paying customer) market share, I

Xen RPM's are available for some distro's now and the two big Enterprise
players (Redhat and SuSE) are incorporating it into their next major
release. It's also going into the mainstream 2.6 kernel "soon".

Anyway, I like Vservers. I use Vservers. However owing to the "luck of the
draw" it looks like Xen is getting lots and LOTS of attention.

Having said that, I'd not run a Production server on it yet! So I'll be
sticking with Vservers for another 10 months at least.

Then again, if the Solaris people got their Linux emulation stuff (Janus?)
working properly, you could also run your Linux servers inside Solaris

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