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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Thu 23 Jun 2005 - 23:40:54 BST

On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 09:39:38AM +1200, Mike Tierney wrote:
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> > > > I just thought you might like a glimpse of one other way someone is
> > doing
> > > this
> > > > sort of thing.
> > >
> > > hmm, you sure you know what linux-vserver 2.6/vs2.0 can do?
> > I guess I don't... I'm running out of hardware to experiment with, so I
> > haven't been playing with the new stuff too much.
> VMware Workstation (virtual machine software) will let you have as many
> different distributions of Linux (or *BSD or Solaris 10) running as you have
> disk space for. It has both Windows and Linux versions. It costs money to
> buy the software but you can download an Evaluation Copy. It also lets you
> clone your virtual machines as well, or even "snapshot" them while they are
> running. Great tool for messing about with stuff and/or cross-platform
> development.
> > You know, if a distro wanted to get some media attention, they could put
> > some effort behind the vserver project and roll it into their distro as an
> > optional module with a nice config tool.
> As much as I like Vservers (we use them on 2 of our Production servers!!) it
> looks like the Xen project (open source virtual machine software) IS getting
> LOTS of media coverage and attention/resources from vendors (Novell, IBM,
> Sun, HP, Redhat, etc). Apparently the current version (v2) isn't that great
> but the next version (due out in August) sounds like a huge leap forward.
> Even though its virtual machines rather than virtual servers, they claim way
> less overhead than other Virtual Machine software (like the VMware server
> products).
> Check out http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/06/15/xen_goes_three

also check out:


> Then do a few googles and you find lots of other interesting stuff, like IBM
> sinking research people into making a security enchanced version (XenSE),
> etc.
> > Of course, I don't know if vserver can be built as an optional module,
> > I've only built it into a vanilla kernel, but still... they could raise a
> lot
> > of hype and woo some enterprise (aka paying customer) market share, I
> think.
> Xen RPM's are available for some distro's now and the two big Enterprise
> players (Redhat and SuSE) are incorporating it into their next major
> release. It's also going into the mainstream 2.6 kernel "soon".
> Anyway, I like Vservers. I use Vservers. However owing to the "luck of the
> draw" it looks like Xen is getting lots and LOTS of attention.
> Having said that, I'd not run a Production server on it yet! So I'll be
> sticking with Vservers for another 10 months at least.
> Then again, if the Solaris people got their Linux emulation stuff (Janus?)
> working properly, you could also run your Linux servers inside Solaris
> Containers!

which means you get less features for a higher price,
so what's the point there? the solaris compatibility?


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