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From: Nicolas Costes (nicolas.costes_at_iut-laroche.univ-nantes.fr)
Date: Tue 12 Jul 2005 - 15:37:28 BST

Le Mardi 12 Juillet 2005 15:48, Martin a écrit :
> > So, is it reasonable to do this, knowing that once done, it'll be
> > locked for an entire year ? Are VS2.0 mature/stable enough ?
> Depends what you mean by locked. In a year I would suspect a number of
> user land security updates being needed, quite possibly kernel updates
> as well. As long as you test it properly to start with I don't think
> you'll find adding vservers will alter the stability as versus any
> custom kernel. IMHO, no hard evidence.

Well, I've got to setup my file servers now. But after that, I won't be
able to re-install nor get them down until july next year ;-)

I don't plan to add many Vservers on those boxes, as I said, they will
host one or two for a start. I don't even plan to use advanced
functionalities like NgNet, unification,etc...

What I want to know is that if I setup my file servers now with the last
2.0 RC, is it risky, provided that once installed I cannot touch these
servers until july 2006 ?

The only thing that'll be done is individual security updates to the
hosted vservers and the host. But I do not want to touch the kernel...

The load will be low : These are Samba file servers for ~120 accounts and
max. 30-40 people connected at a time, for each host : I usually peak at
0.15 load.

> > One last: Are there any important changes that may make 2.0 work
> > differently than 1.9.3 ? Do I have to learn again all from the
> > start ;-) ?
> There are are some new features but AFAIK no major ones have been
> removed so what worked before should work now.

The only thing I do with my vservers is : Build them (- m skeleton), fill
them with "urpmi --root", lauch them, and play ! Basically, the only
commands I use are "vserver xxx (build|start|stop|enter)". So nothing of
this has changed since 1.9.3 ?

Thx ;-)

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