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From: Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: Wed 17 Aug 2005 - 00:02:49 BST

raanders_at_acm.org ("Roderick A. Anderson") writes:

> I've followed the instructions for FC3 --
> http://linux-vserver.org/FedoraCore3_HowTo --

Version number of util-vserver (0.30.205) is a little bit low in this
HowTo; there should be native support for fc3 in recent versions (see
point 8).

> only deviating where versions are different and with the addition of
> getting a known good .config ( from the OpenVPS site ) to build the
> vserver kernel.
> When I get to building a new guest I keep getting the error about not
> finding glibc ( this using the '-m apt-rpm' switch ).

This is probably caused by an outdated sources.list in
/etc/vservers/.distributions/fc3/apt/sources.list so that the apt
repository can not be found. It is possible also that the repository is
incomplete or inconsistent.

Maintaining all these metainformation about the distributions (apt + yum
repositories) becomes hard and I am not sure what I will do regarding
them. Perhaps, they will be outsourced into a separate package which can
be updated more often.

> After reading _much_ more I've found the vserver-build.yum script and am
> attempting to build a guest as I type. This just completed but I got lots
> of warnings about an insecure yum.

Building the vserver will succeed but it will not be possible to use an
unmodified 'vyum' with a running vserver. Unfortunately, 'yum' does not
provide enough options to workaround this without patches :(

> With a solution of applying some patches and rebuilding or pestering
> the author to do it.
> Now when I try vserver-stat I get a warning about procfs-security.
> Using the link and following through I get the impression this should
> not be happening with with the 2.6 kernel and vs2.0.

'vprocunhide' (or executing vc_set_iattr(2) manully) *is* required. The
reference rpm (which is mentioned in the howto above also) should register
this script so it gets executed at the next boot automatically.

> Sorted that out with vprocunhide but now getting an error about
> /etc/rc.d/rc and level 3 ...
> The "fix" -- to append true to the end of the file didn't work.

The exact message (above the general hints) would be interesting.


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