Re: [Vserver] Vserver newbie: problems when build guest server on FC4

From: Guenther Fuchs <>
Date: Fri 07 Oct 2005 - 09:24:04 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi there,

on Donnerstag, 06. Oktober 2005 at 18:25 on the list was posted:

> Just apply the attached patch against yum.spec (patch is for the devel
> tree but it should be trivial to adapt it to FC-4).

| -Release: 5
| +Release: 5.chroot

That hunk failed as FC4 has Release 0.fc4. Have changed this to
0.chroot.fc4 therefore in my source.

After doing a "rpm -Uv --force" (as rpm failed with "package
yum-2.4.0-0.fc4 (which is newer than yum-2.4.0-0.chroot.fc4) is
already installed") I checked in building a test FC4 vserver:

Yuppadoo - it seemed to work! Great stuff 8-)

Patched RPMs for FC4 to download are available at (without any
warranty, original licenses still to be used, own work supplied
under GPL, feel free to copy and redistribute as needed):


Guenther Fuchs
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