Re: [Vserver] Vserver newbie: problems when build guest server on FC4

From: Guenther Fuchs <>
Date: Fri 07 Oct 2005 - 09:30:51 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi there,

on Friday, October 7, 2005 at 03:20 on the list was posted:

> Could you please tell me where I could get the patch for yum and how
> to apply it? 

Enrico posted a (base) patch for the spec files in this thread, that
used the "util-vserver-0.30.208/contrib/yum-2.3.4-chroot.patch" to
patch the yum 2.4.0 source. Pointer to ready prepared FC4-noarch rpms
have been posted by me based on this.

> I looked at but could
> not find it. 

Look into util-vserver sources, there it is ;-)

[ ToFu snipped ]

BTW: I guess also the other's would appreciate if you could read - especially part
2.1 of that ;-)

Guenther Fuchs
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