Re: [Vserver] simple disk quota -thoroughly confused

From: Georges Toth <>
Date: Tue 11 Oct 2005 - 18:03:06 BST
Message-Id: <>

> before i continue, i assume that quotas will work on reiserfs ? every
> system we have is reiser.

IIRC is does

> There are several documents about them for vservers but this one looks like
> it may be the most current?

That's the most recent one, yes.

> so in my case since we use udev. i could issue
> vrsetup /dev/vroot1 /dev/sda4 ?


> what would i replace lvm or evm with? i am using neither.. i simply created
> one huge volume on sda4 which all the guests use.

Then that doc is not for you....
Think about using lvm, it makes life so much easier :-)

> so there are a few questions out of all this... arbitrarily choose a
> vserverx block device? what to use in place of evm or lvm above? then the
> instruction below..

The doc is only for the case where you have a seperate partition or lv for
every guest

> ---------------------
> - inside the guest run:
> quotacheck -maugv
> ---------------------
> umm.. there is no quotacheck program or script inside the guest that i can
> find... what package is it included in?

quota pkg

> an alternative would be to create a fixed size (maybe 20g or 40g) file
> mounted via loopback creating a virtual disk for each of the colos as
> their 'drive'..maybe that would be better? then they could never corrupt
> anything to do with our main disks...

Why don't you use lvm ?
Better and faster than loopback

Georges Toth
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