Re: [Vserver] simple disk quota -thoroughly confused

From: Chuck <>
Date: Tue 11 Oct 2005 - 19:38:14 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Tuesday 11 October 2005 01:03 pm, Georges Toth wrote:
> > before i continue, i assume that quotas will work on reiserfs ? every
> > system we have is reiser.
> IIRC is does
> > There are several documents about them for vservers but this one looks
> > it may be the most current?
> >
> That's the most recent one, yes.
> > so in my case since we use udev. i could issue
> > vrsetup /dev/vroot1 /dev/sda4 ?
> yes
> > what would i replace lvm or evm with? i am using neither.. i simply
> > one huge volume on sda4 which all the guests use.
> Then that doc is not for you....
> Think about using lvm, it makes life so much easier :-)

hmm. ok... will research lvm but i doubt i will be able to use it at this
time. too many guests are committed to this partition and ready to go live
tomorrow. i suppose maybe i could just move them off to the main system drive
which has enough room to support what is installed, go live with them there,
then one night late, move them all back..

thing is with lvm if each guest gets its own logical volume, then why use
quotas since that volume can be partitioned as it will anyway no? i may be
talking out my xxx here since i have not even read about lvm yet. never
bothered with it.. think ill read up on it a bit before i say or ask anything
more so i dont look like a total stooge :D

> > so there are a few questions out of all this... arbitrarily choose a
> > vserverx block device? what to use in place of evm or lvm above? then the
> > instruction below..
> The doc is only for the case where you have a seperate partition or lv for
> every guest
> > ---------------------
> > - inside the guest run:
> > quotacheck -maugv
> > ---------------------
> > umm.. there is no quotacheck program or script inside the guest that i can
> > find... what package is it included in?
> quota pkg
> > an alternative would be to create a fixed size (maybe 20g or 40g) file
> > mounted via loopback creating a virtual disk for each of the colos as
> > their 'drive'..maybe that would be better? then they could never corrupt
> > anything to do with our main disks...
> Why don't you use lvm ?
> Better and faster than loopback
> --
> regards,
> Georges Toth
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