Re: [Vserver] Quota for guest servers on /vservers, /vservers is on LVM ext3

From: Matt Gorecki <>
Date: Tue 18 Oct 2005 - 20:31:12 BST
Message-ID: <>


I think this is the page you are looking for:

I have the exact same situation as you, and this works wonderfully.

-Matt Gorecki

Steven Truong wrote:
> Hi, all. After reading some of the messages regarding quota, I would
> like to implement quota for the guest servers on a LVM partition
> /vservers. I only care to limit the amount of space a guest server
> could use and I do not care about the per user quota in each guest.
> I found this link from a recent message and wonder if the instructions
> applied to my situations.
> And how LVM could assist in limiting disk space of each guest server?
> (If by any means)
> Please assist me in this attempt.
> Thanks.
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