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From: Tor Rune Skoglund <>
Date: Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 10:09:23 BST
Message-ID: <>

Dariush Pietrzak,,, wrote:
>>Well, thats a matter of opinion... For the "average user" I would think
>>the view would be different... :)
> I have never seen this mythical "average user" you keep on talking about.
> I always thought that I'm him, but you seem to be implying that he's got
> different views then me.

I bet I'm more average than you - and to me, the flower page, is not
particarly nice... :) Well, that's just my opinion thought.
To my best memory I cannot remember any product I have used some
much time on to get up and running correctly the latest years.
Better documentation and an active forum surely would have
helped _me_ a lot anyway.

>>Problem with the wiki is that there is no forum there. If one could
>>incorporate some kind
> AFAIK most wikis has 'discusion' panels for every page

Then it's sad it isn't installed on linux-vserver's wiki...(?)

>>>And btw, not _anyone_ has the required knowledge about vserver to write
>>good documentation on the wiki anyway. Nothing is worse than wrong and outdated
> well, fragmented and non-accessible documentation is worse.

linux-vserver has it all! :-)

Just a final word from me; I would like to say that I am
_very_ impressed with Herbert's and Enrico's and all those I
cannot name and their work and support efforts on the mailing
list, wiki and IRC, and linux-vserver generally.
But if Linux-vserver is going to be big hit
someone with the right knowledge has to write consistent
and updated project documentation.

Tor Rune Skoglund

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